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Tomato and coconut sounds a bit strange. I suppose it would be like cream of tomato with a hint of coconut? Jonathan would probably vomit at the thought of a banana soup.


I always use creamed coconut grated in for he tomato and coconut as coconut milk tastes odd with it. It is like a cream of tomato soup but tastier. The banana soup is, granted, a bit odd but delicious.

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We've been having carrot soup made creamy with cashews quite a bit lately, sometimes spicy. I like the sound of the tomato and coconut, I use that mix in curries and it's lovely :)


Creamy carrot soup might be nice. I'm a bit funny about carrot soup because it HAS to be made with lovely dirty carrots and not supermarket ones otherwise it tastes all wrong! I do sometimes make a cream of tomato soup using cashews which is lovely too but the creamed coconut makes the tomato soup extra thick and creamy.

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Cynthia Reyes

Butternut squash and apple soup.

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